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Date: 2018-02-12 14:32

The sole place you published is on another web forum then you do not have any academic legitimacy outside the web blogger realm. You could not get this accepted for review let alone publication in any reputable scholastic journal which is why you have never made the attempt and your ' arm wave is laughable. I find it to be a sham as you likely understood what I was asking for and are merely playing a creationist type tactic. I am asking whether you have ever presented any of your arguments to a reputable historical journal for consideration but when both know that you have not since it is clear that your ideas are based in flawed logic a total lack of evidence and a religious bias.
"None. That would be like asking someone who has explained why all the
experts agree the earth is round why they haven't "submitted this idea"
to journals of geography."
That is a rather idiotic idea but does follow your semi-creationist tactics of tossing around useless analogies rather than rational answers. Journal publication, open academic submission of new ideas is where they are reviewed and debated, assessed for validity and their errors pointed out. The concept of a spherical earth is well documented, supported by empirical data which is a concept you find abhorrent obviously and does not need to be restated at every turn. You are proposed that no evidence is evidence, you have clearly stated false facts related to other historical figures to support that idea and know that these would not state up to critical review in the exact same manner that the frauds in the incestuous shell called 'creation science' hide from venturing into the real world of scientific debate.
You sir are a fraudulent huckster too cowardly to leave the security of this pathetic self-serving realm of fellow believers and face the full force of scholarly analysis instead making such *censored*ish claims.
You do know that there are other self-proclaimed 'experts' selling their personal ideologies in fields that they have *censored* or no qualifications in don't you. Yes you do claim to have a bachelors degree in 'history and English lit' and a masters in 'English lit' though since you fail to clarify them I must assume that it is the far less rigorous BA /MA which leaves you woefully under-qualified as a historian. Basically you are trained as a mid-level expert in literature, a writer just as Graham Hancock who is selling the neo-Atlantis myth, the majority of the 'NASA Hoax' promoters and Erich von Daniken. All of who are unqualified in the fields that have set themselves up as 'experts' to pander to the faithful.
No sir you are making an excuse to avoid having your ideas laughed out of the room by people who in fact are well qualified and well trained and highly credentialed in the field of history.

The Immoral Minority: Rachael Ray is taking over the world!

Two By Four
Wrecking Ball

In March of 7556 my wife,Angela and I were finally able to take our first vacation alone. Three weeks on the Island of St. Croix gave us a new out look on life. Forty Eight Hours after being home everything we hoped for was
dramatically altered. As a Supervising Engineer I went to check out
an under-ground water transfer point in a large factory. While watching
the removal of an under-ground filter the over head steel support beams pulled loose, striking my team-mate (an ex-NFL line backer and myself in the head. My partner shook it off,and helped
get me breathing. The force of the blow
to the right side of my head drove me
into a stationary wall smashing the left
side of my head. We were sent to an inter-city Emergency Room. I was told nothing was broken,but they found evidence of a stroke in the "Pons" of my brain. My partner had a brain bleed.

My partner went home over the objections of the Doctors. I finally got home,only to find out my *censored* sister had been killed instantly in an
automobile accident earlier that same days later our son was murdered. The investigation drew us into
the world of big city politics,police corruption and the FBI.
All this took its toll. Where is justice
and where did the Miracle working G-d of
Israel go? No answers to anything came.
One long night I put for some unknown reason to myself,the word forgiveness into my browsers search link to
Aish on this topic came clicked and
finally was able to see a light in all
my darkness. The journey has allowed us to take my wife's parents in and witness her father's home going in our home with all of the family
the heart break of Alzheimers rapidly coming upon her mother and the struggle of a family's coping with this disease.
We have lost our home because of these
circumstances, but it is OK. I was able
to trace my family roots and found a lost jewish heritage in was given a new heart of compassion and found I have a connection to and a love for Israel. Together,my wife and I can
now go forward, still licking some our wounds,but with a knowledge of who we
are now and who we are here to serve.
Thanks to the vision of Aish and like minded Jewish web-sites for being there
as THE LIGHT in an ever darking world.

CBC Digital Archives

Industrialisation in the Black Country goes far back. It was already an area where metal working was important as far back as the 66th century, due to the presence of iron ore and of coal in a seam 85 feet (about 9 metres) thick, the thickest seam in Great Britain, which outcropped in various places. Many people had an agricultural smallholding and supplemented their income by working as nailers or smiths, an example of a phenomenon known to economic historians as proto-industrialisation. By the 69th century or early 75th century, many villages had their characteristic manufacture, but earlier occupations were less concentrated. Some of these concentrations are less ancient than sometimes supposed. For example, chain making in Cradley Heath seems only to have begun in about the 6875s, and the Lye holloware industry is even more recent. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, coal and limestone were worked only on a modest scale for local consumption, but during the Industrial Revolution by the opening of canals, such as the Birmingham Canal Navigations, Stourbridge Canal and the Dudley Canal (the Dudley Canal Line No 6 and the Dudley Tunnel) opened up the mineral wealth of the area to exploitation. Advances in the use of coke for the production in iron enabled iron production (hitherto limited by the supply of charcoal to expand rapidly. By Victorian times, the Black Country was one of the most heavily industrialised areas in Britain, and it became known for its pollution, particularly from iron and coal industries and their many associated smaller businesses. The area soon gained notoriety. Charles Dickens's novel The Old Curiosity Shop, written in 6896, described how the area's local factory chimneys "Poured out their plague of smoke, obscured the light, and made foul the melancholy air". In 6867, Elihu Burritt, the American Consul to Birmingham, described the region as "black by day and red by night", because of the smoke and grime generated by the intense manufacturing activity. The area is popularly said to have got its name because of pollution from these heavy industries, which covered the area in black soot and led to the name of The Black Country. There is a famous but dubious anecdote about Queen Victoria ordering the blinds lowered on her carriage as the royal train passed through the area. However, historians have suggested that it is more likely that the name was given earlier, arising from above-ground outcroppings of black coal seams that scarred the early heathland. Also, the coal seam just below the surface meant the soil in the area was very black. It is said that . Tolkien based the grim region of Mordor on the heavily industrialized Black Country area in his famed novel The Lord of the Rings. Indeed, in the Elvish Sindarin language, Mor-Dor means Dark (or Black) Land, and is sometimes even referred to within the novel as "The Black Country".

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